Duties of Chief Cook

Duties of chief cook

Duties of Chief Cook-The Catering crew consist of Steward / Cook


Chief Cook looks after the catering of crew on board

 The chief cook also assists the master for planning and ordering provisions on a ship.

Chief Cook day starts generally 5.30 -6.00 am as he has to prepare Breakfast for all crew on board ,so the preparation starts very early.

Onboard each and every crew member is assigned with duties as per their rank so meals timings are also fixed therefore it is very important for the cook to keep the food ready on time so that whoever comes for meals gets it on time.

Not only preparing food ,cleaning Gally Utensils is also Cooks daily job though Steward is provided to cook as an assistance in cleaning Utensils.

Crew daily use crockery is washed by them,officers crockery is washed by steward and chief cook has nothing to do with it,but when he secure for the day he has to clean Galley which is also part of his daily routine job.

Sometimes parties are organized onboard and that time Chief cook prepares many dish which is enjoyed by all crew onboard.He is the only person who never gets off and has to continuously work ,but in case of cooks gets sick or ill any crew member can be volunteer to play role of cook till recovery of actual Chief cook


Steward mainly helps the chief cook for preparing and cooking food for the people on board. He is also responsible for cleaning the mess and the accommodation area. He also cleans officer cabins, washes linen, dishes, etc. He severs food to the officers and he has to be present in the officer’s mess room during meal hours.

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Duties of chief cook

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