Duties of The Engineers:-

Duties of Engineers-The Engineer are the officers who are qualified in Marine Engineering. They join as 4th Engineer and step by step, get promoted to 3rd, 2nd and Chief Engineer, subject to their passing the competency exams and performance onboard the ship.

Duties of engineers

The engineering department, besides, looking after the main engines, is also responsible for associated equipment like power generation equipment, cargo pumps, and air-conditioning, etc.


(Trainee marine engineer) or 5th engineer –  Onboard as a trainee.  Usually, the fifth engineer is required to assist 2nd engineers at all times, however, he/she can be asked to assist anyone in the engine room.

 Fourth Engineer – 

Fourth Engineer is responsible for the operation and maintenance of engine room auxiliaries, fuel and lube oil purifiers, air compressors, bunkering operations, etc.

 Third Engineer-

Third Engineer is responsible for fuel, water, and the boiler room equipment, auxiliary engines, pumps, fresh water generator, air- conditioning and refrigeration system, etc.

Second  Engineer-

Second Engineer is responsible for lubricating the system, engine room auxiliaries, electric equipment steering gear, ship safety systems and equipment, deck crane, lifeboat and lifeboat engine, etc..

He assigns duties to other engineers and crew. He is the one responsible for allocating daily jobs and monitoring the work performance of everyone in the engine room department.

 The second engineer is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the main engine, boilers and steam system, steering gear, ship safety systems and equipment, deck crane, lifeboat and lifeboat engine, etc.

Chief Engineer-

Chief Engineer is overall in-charge of Engines and responsible for the safe running of the ship. Being the overall in charge of the engine room, the chief engineer decides and allocates jobs to the 2nd engineer, who further distributes it among the lower ranks.


The Electrical Officer is responsible for the electrical equipment and assists engineers in the safe running of the ship.


The Radio Officer looks after all the electronic communication and the related records. Besides, he also looks after electronic navigation aids such as radar, depth measuring devices, long-range navigation equipment, and global positioning system, etc.

(However, This category of personnel has been almost phased out and their duties passed over to other deck officers.)

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