Salary in Merchant Navy


Salary in Merchant navy

Salary in merchant navy depends Mainly on Nationality, Company, Type of vessel, Rank, Qualification, Experience, Competency Standards of the Individual.

The chance to travel around the globe and the adventure lure on the high seas attract many young people to make a career in the Merchant Navy.

Few Benefits to join Merchant Navy:-

1. Get to travel the whole world

2. Earn  a lucrative remuneration ,and tour the world and lead happy life.

 3. Chance  to don a uniform and call oneself an officer

4.The responsibility of running a multi-million dollar ship and its cargo

Merchant Navy is most importantly cornerstone of international trade that carries cargo worldwide.

An enormous amount of employees are employed by merchant vessels.

Salary in Merchant Navy of Officers- Deck – Engine

   Designation                                                                                                Pay Scale

Junior engineer or deck cadet –350- 1000 USD
4th Engineer / 3rd officer –2400 – 4200 USD
3rd Engineer/ 2nd officer –4000-5000 USD
2nd Engineer/Chief officer –5500-11000 USD
Chief engineer/ Captain –8000 – 15000 USD
Electrical Officer –2500 – 4000 USD

Salary in Merchant Navy Of Ratings- Deck-Engine

Designation                                                                                                    Pay Scale

Pumpman –1000-2400 USD
Bosun –1350 – 1800 USD
Ordinary Seaman –800-1100 USD
Able Seamn –1000-1400 USD
Fitter –1000 – 1500 USD
Oiler –800 – 1300 USD
Engine Rating/ Wiper –600-1000 USD
Chief Cook –1400-2500 USD
Steward –600-1500 USD

Additional Allowance For Various Jobs

Seafarers shall be paid additional allowance for various jobs which are listed below:

a) Internal manual cleaning of boilers

b) Cleaning Scavenge space of Main Engine

c)Clean Holds or Fuel oil tanks without fixed / mechanical cleaning machine or de-muck tanks,shall be compensated appropriately and as applicable.

Over time :On Board Ship

The normal hours of duty shall be 8( Eight)  hours per day from Monday to Friday inclusive and 4 hours on Saturday.

Any hours of duty in excess of 8 (Eight) hours a day shall be paid for by overtime.The guaranteed overtime hours and allowance shall be as stated and agreed in the service contract.

Overtime policy for every Company is Different and there is no fixed overtime rate.

No Overtime- Any additional hours worked during an emergency directly affecting the immediate safety of the ship its passengers crew or cargo of which the Master shall be the sole judge,or for the safety drills or work required to give assistance to other ship or persons in immediate peril shall not be counted as overtime.

Besides overtime there are many different ways to make additional income,which are discussed in this post.

salary in merchant navy

Type of Ship-Salary also depends on type of ship

Gas Carrier  LNG,LPG,CNG:- Crew in the following vessel gets highly paid because of the fact that cargo carried is most dangerous.

Oil Tanker :- Crew sailing on oil tanker gets less salary then above mentioned Gas Carriers but they get more salary then Bulk and containers .

Bulk / Container/Multi-purpose:– Crew sailing on these type of vessel gets equal amount of salary but again its all depends on Seniority ,Experience Number of years Service with the Same Company.

salary in merchant navy

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