Career as a Radio Officer (Merchant Navy):-

readio officer


The individual responsible for all the radio communications on the vessel is Radio Officer Radio Officer also known as Marine Radio Officer. They use radio while performing tasks linked to cargo ships and passenger ships. The radio officer's main role is to obtain, record and update time, signals, verify weather reports, and perform and obtain all of the ship's data for the ship and its ships to sail smoothly. Their responsibilities also include radio maintenance


Chemistry and Mathematics as topics preferred. After which, in the Marine Radio Officer Courses like ROGC, COP, RTIM and others, the applicant must appear. The Ministry of Communications, Govt, conducts these examinations in India. This also needs a Ham (Amateur) Radio License or a Marine Radio Operator Permit to become a radio officer.

Candidate must be class 12th pass or equivalent examination with preferable science subjects.

  • Age : A candidate must be 17 years or above
  • Physical Standard: The minimum height of the candidate should be 150 cm. Candidates should also pass the medical fitness test applicable for sea service with includes 6/6 eyesight and no color blindness.


Junior Radio Officer– Works as a trainee under a senior radio officer and his job responsibility is to assist senior radio officer .

Senior Radio Officer  Senior radio officer not only take care of all the communication that happens on the ship. He  takes care of recording and receiving time signals and other important information.He works in accordance with other departments  to carry out all the operations smoothly.

Head Radio Officer- Head radio officer assigns all the task and duties to junior and senior radio officer.

Employment Opportunities for Radio Officer (Merchant Navy)

Some of the popular employment opportunities for air traffic controllers are listed below:

  • Cargo Industry
  • Shipping Companies
  • Oil Industry/Companies

Top Recruiting Companies for Radio Officers  (Merchant Navy)

NOTE:- Radio officer as a profession is very restrictive as it does not offer many promotions or with an opportunity to switch to different sectors.

Radio Officer (Merchant Navy)

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