Duties of ship steward

The Catering crew consist of Steward / Cook

ship steward

Duties of Ship Steward-

Duties of Ship Steward- Steward mainly helps the chief cook in preparing and cooking food for the crew on board.

He serves food to the officers and he has to be present in the officer’s mess room during meal hours.

Meals hours are generally

Breakfast 0700-0800 hrs

Lunch 1200-1300 hrs

Dinner 1800-2000 hrs

He is also responsible for cleaning the mess room area and the accommodation area.

He also cleans officer cabins, washes linen, dishes, etc.

Life of a Steward

Life of Steward starts early in the morning say 0600 hrs,the first thing he do is to enter the galley and assist the Chief cook in preparing Breakfast, sometimes officer may ask him to make egg omelette ,half fried or scrambled egg for them.

After he finishes off serving breakfast he cleans the plates and crockery and then himself finishes his breakfast.

Now his actual day starts ,starting with Deck And Engine officers he cleans each one cabin but he must be aware of who is on duty and who is off duty as there may be chance that off duty officers are sleeping and not to disturb them ,he must be aware of officers duty timings.

duties of ship steward

Except for the Bridge ,which is clean by the Cadet or Duty Ab, steward will clean all the alleyways ,Gymnasium, Tally room, pantry area and laundry.

Addition to cleaning he has to wash the uniform of all officers and sometimes casual clothes of the officers, he is not responsible to wash clothes of ratings but in case of FPSO steward ,the Steward may have to wash the clothes (civil as well as Boiler suits) of all ratings and officers.

One more job he has to do is to distribute Soaps,Washing powder,Room freshener naphthalene balls etc on monthly basis to all crew onboard.

He is the person who is close to the master so his command on English is very important as he may find different nationalities officer and master.

in addition he is require to know basic computer knowledge as he has to make inventory of stocks onboard.


Steward receives decent salary that varies from ship to ship, type of ship etc but he may also receive tip as a reward to his dedication towards his work from officers and master.

Many Housekeeping agencies hire stewrds and give them personal traning but it is not nessary to have prior experience but it is advantage to those who have some experience in this field.

Achievements of Stewards

There are many stories when a person joins the ship as a steward and later with his dedication and will has reached to the rank of master ,we team of shipconnector really salute to such heroes of the society who are not just source of inspiration but are true legend as well.

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