Hulk Ship(Types of Hulk Ship)


Hulk Ship(Types of Hulk Ship)

hulk Ship is a type of ship that is afloat, but is not in sea going condition.

Hulk Ship(Types of Hulk Ship)

Types of Hulk Ships

Sheer hulk

Sheer Hulk Ships allowed workers a comfortable way of repairing another ship. These hulks could be used to store extra equipment that needed to be loaded on  the ship being repaired.

Prison ships

A prison ship was used as a place to keep the prisoners until they could be transferred to prisons overseas. 

 Such kind of hulks were quite common during early period.

Hospital hulks

These Hospital hulk ships were used as hospitals for particular duration.

Storage hulk ships:

Storage hulk ships used to store a wide range of commodities,they were towed from one place to another.

Receiving ship

Receiving ship is a Type of ship used in harbor to house newly recruited sailor’s before they are assigned their duties of a ship crew.

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History Of Shipping

Greeks are pioneers in shipping Egyptians have contributed in the art of shipbuilding,

from early age ships were used for trade, and for finding out new horizons.

Also ships were used for invasion of other territory.

Countries had regular trades links with Arabs, Chinese Roman Empire and Greece ;Indian Spices were major commodity Export as we study in History.

Indian Naval power was very strong in second century B-C Indian kings invaded Combodia Java Sumatra , Indonesia and Philippines and Indian Culture spread to these islands.

Christopher Columbus a great sailor adventured and found West Indies ,North & South America , Capt James cook adventured and found Australia & New Zealand .

Indian Empire Rajendra chola conquered SUMATRA,Vasco da Gamma of Portugal Sailed through cape of good hope and reached Calicut (India) . Merchant shipping is carrying goods safely from place A to B.

Since time immemorial, Ships at sea have beckoned the brave and adventurous. The attraction of reaches in this profession has been subject of attraction to navy. Even today , the situation remains more or less the same , except that today the ships are far safer than, they were in the times of Vasco-da-Gamma and Columbus……..Read more

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