Meteorological and shipping department are inter-related


Meteorology is basically the science of forecasting weather initially it was the art of providing advance information regarding local rains and storms .But in the course of time it became a major department dealing scientifically with phenomenon like winds storms rains variations in temperature earthquakes of local as well as global origin etc Today no aircraft can take off without a meteorological clearance .Typhoons cyclones and hurricanes frequently strike many parts of the world.

In America practically every car on the street has a continuous weather broadcast facility

The recent undersea earthquake north of Sumatra have added new responsibility to a meteorologist . Although the tsunami is not directly created by weather conditions ,harbor waves do affect the environment severely .As such, all measures to control a disaster like the tsunami are an adjunct  the worldwide meteorological network

The government has now decided to set up a comprehensive tsunami information center in the Indian Ocean. It’ll be linked with several fiber optic sensors to be located at specific places  in Tamil Naidu ,Sri Lanka ,Indonesia, Malaysia  Andaman and Nicobar, islands in addition to wave buoys to be strategically located for providing an indication of the speed ,height and direction of tsunami waves. This will happen at lightning speed and information will be conveyed to all concerned by a computer network, as is being done for 26 regional sub-centers scattered all over the Pacific Ocean and member of his Pacific organization.

The installations of such facilities in the Indian Ocean will involve considerable investment on trained manpower and sophisticated equipment spread thousands of miles apart obliviously, thousands of new jobs will be generated in this field .The enterprising youth can thus equip themselves with the qualifications needed to avail of the new opportunities being generated.

 A vast scope of career development is present in meteorological department

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