Warehouses are used by producers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transportation companies, customs, etc. In the periphery of cities, towns or villages, they are generally big plain buildings in industrial  parks.


Traditionally, warehousing, involves the storage of raw material ,work –in –process inventory or finished goods in a covered space in the most suitable way for a specific time period. It also adds temporal an Spatial significance to the value of the commodity. With the growing importance of logistics and supply chain management throughout the world,this industry has emerged as one of the vital component of the supply chain.


Globally ,the warehousing industry has undergone significant changes in the last decade owing to the growth the world trade and expansion of international markets as well as increasing application of new technology. Internationally, industry is classified into three different types viz Public ,Private and contract warehousing. Of these, agreement is the fastest growing segment of the industry internationally and is expected to grow at a rate of 12-15 percent over the next couple of years.


In India warehousing industry is mostly dominated by State Corporation ,and Public sector undertakings viz. Central Corporation(CWC),Punjab state Warehousing (conware) and others. Warehousing activities of CWC includes food grain warehouses, custom bonded warehouses, container freight stations, inland clearance depots and air cargo complexes.

Port act as the interface for sea borne trade movement. Most of the major ports of the country provide Ware -housing facilities to users. Through its own warehouses and also by privately owned warehouses located within or outside the port arena.Increased liberalization of the economy has boosted private sector participation in ports.

Overseas Warehouses:

These catered for trading abroad. They became meeting places for wholesale buyers abroad where it was possible to discuss and order printed and plain

There is a great future for warehousing in India and the world.

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