What is Project Cargo?

What is Project Cargo?

Project cargos are large in shape, heavy-duty, and of high value complex pieces of equipment,shipped via a heavy lift vessel.

The cargo included in project cargo can be internationally sourced, or from one specific location. it requires proper attention in order to remain within projected timelines, budgets, and safety restrictions during the shipment of goods.

It is the one of most complicated transportation in the logistics industry. Time constraints, tight delivery dates, and safety requirements are some of the obstructions, and thus they require the most detailed shipment plans.
Project cargo shipment due to its oversized to travel by land, sea, or air to their final destination, may include special accommodations like road survey or police escort.

The Industries which uses the Project Cargo most

Oil and gas,

Renewable Energy
Military and Defense
Petrochemical Fields
wind power

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