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In a suspected attack on the Gulf of Oman close the Strait of Hormuz on June 13, two tankers were destroyed.

BSM Ship Management (Singapore) operated the item carrier Kokuka Courageous, which experienced harm to the starboard side. The firm said a full-scale emergency reaction was initiated following the incident and 21 abandoned ship’s crew from the vessel. The 27,000 dwt Kokuka Courageous stays in the region and there is no risk of sinking, the firm said, adding that the methanol cargo is intact. The vessel is approximately 70 nautical miles from Fujairah and approximately 14 nautical miles from Iran’s shoreline. The Coastal Ace is in the area at a secure distance from the damaged vessel and awaits directions from the United Kingdom Marine Trade Operations that respond to the event.

The second tanker assaulted in the Gulf of Oman is the 110,000-dwt LR2 Front Altair, owned by the Norwegian business Frontline. Norwegian newspaper VG quoted a spokesman for the business stating the ship endured a fire after the incident. All 23 employees evacuated the vessel and were saved by a neighboring vessel, the CPC Corporation of Hyundai Dubai. Taiwan reported that the magnitude of harm on board the vessel and the oil leak after the alleged assault had yet to be verified.

SOURCE:World maritime news


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