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Malaysian ship lost direction,Drift towards Odisha

After losing direction Malaysian cargo ship drifts towards Odisha

A Malaysian cargo ship heading to Visakhapatnam anchored near Chilika Lake in Odisha following a  storm in the Bay of Bengal after losing direction, police said on Saturday.

Malaysian ship lost direction
Malaysian ship lost direction

 Caught in the high tide and storm in the Bay of Bengal.

 It created a technical glitch and  landed close Rajhans on Wednesday night, Puri’s Sub-Divisional Police officer K.C. Mund said.

Malaysia’s vessel carrying iron ore and other minerals had unloaded its shipment in Bangladesh and  was on its manner to the port of Vishakhapatnam. However, owing to technical failures in the Bay of  Bengal, it lost its way and drove to Odisha before landing in Rajhans, he added.

Malaysian ship lost direction
Malaysian ship lost direction,following storm in Bay of Bengal

Team of Engineers and Mechanics were sent on board,to repair the vessel. .

 The police  officials were deployed on the spot

The vessel has 10 crew members, 7 from Malaysia, 1 from India  and 2 from the Philippines.


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It can be characterized by important disruptions to ordinary circumstances such as powerful winds, tornadoes, hail, thunder and lightning (a thunderstorm), heavy rainfall (snowstorm, rainstorm), heavy freezing rain (ice storm), heavy winds (tropical cyclone, windstorm)

winds that carry some substance through the atmosphere such as a storm of dust, blizzard, sandstorm, etc.

Cargo ship– A vessel carrying cargo, products and equipment from one port to another is a merchant ship. Every  year, thousands of cargo carriers ply the seas and oceans of the world, dealing with the bulk of international trade.

Merchant navy professionals mainly work on cargo ships or commercial vessels. Some of the main types of ships they work on are:

  1. Container ships         
  2. Bulk carriers / Bulkers
  3. Tanker ships
  4. Gas Carrier(LNG/LPG/CNG)
  5. Passenger ships/cruise ships
  6. Ro-R0 ships (Roll-On Roll-Off vessels)
  7. Ferries
  8. Offshore vessels

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