Electro-technical officer (ETO) in merchant navy


Electro-technical officer (ETO) in merchant navy

Electro-technical officefr(ETO) in merchant navy
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Electro Technical Officer (ETO)

Electro Technical Officer course is a 4 months(17 weeks) (As per STCW 2010) to be employed as Electrical Engineering Officer in Merchant Navy.

After the course is completed successfuly Electrical/Electronics Engineers gain eligibility to be employed in Merchant Navy Ships.

As per the Dg Shipping guidelines the course must be within their guidelines with practical demonstrations by Simulators, Audio Visual aids and valuable hands-on training.

Basic Safety Training Courses (PST, PSSR, EFA, FPFF & STSDSD) are mandatory

And can be done before or after the completion of the course.

After successful completion of the required sea time, candidates are eligible to appear for Certificate of Competency(COC) examination, conducted by DG (Directorate General of Shipping), Government of India, as ETO.

Eligibility for Electro Technical Officer (ETO):

Education Qualifications

i) Passed 10+2 with(PCM) Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & English as separate subjects

with minimum 50 % marks in English in either class 10th or 12th.

conducted by a recognized Board/ University.

ii) Passed 3 years’ Diploma with 60% marks


     Passed  4 year’s Degree including lateral entry, with 50% marks in B.E/B.Tech

Electrical Engineering,

Electronics Engineering,

Electronics and Telecommunication,

Communication Engineering,

Electronics and Instrumentation or equivalent.

iii)For Diploma candidates with lateral entry to 2nd year of B.Tech, need to have scored 60% and above in Diploma followed by the Degree eligibility criteria.

iv) The diploma /degree courses must have been recognized by any State or Central Government or the AICTE.

v) Passport -Mandatory.

Age : Maximum 35 years.

Physical and Medical Standards for Electro- Technical Officer (ETO)

Physical and Medical Standards

Physically fit and should meet the medical requirements as specified by Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) approved Doctors.

Eye Sight:

•        Distance vision 6/12 in each eye or 6/9 in better eye and 6/18 in other eye

•        No Color Blindness

•        No Night Blindness

Procedure to Join as Electro- Technical Officer (ETO)

Online Entrance Test

The test consists of 2 sections,

Paper-1 (Topics) ( duration of 3 hours)Total 100 Marks (No Negative marking applies)

English, Aptitude and Electrical Engineering Topic.

Duration: 2 Hours

Paper-2 (Psychology Test)

Personality based questions

Panel Interview

Passed Shortlisted candidates are notified via email to appear for an interview.

Medical Examination and Eye-test

Candidates who pass the interview will be directed to undergo a medical examination conducted by Company-appointed doctors.

Provisional Selection Letter

Candidates who clear above selection procedure will be issued with Provisional Selection Letter.

Candidates will have to submit all documents,in order to reserve their seat in the institute

All selected candidates will be issued with Final Offer Letter, Joining Instructions and Fee Structure details.

Job Role OF Electro Technical Officer (ETO)

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An electro technical officer  is responsible for Maintanance of electrical systems onboard.

Inaddition to engine room ,he is also responsible for the maintenance of cranes,hatch covers,mooring winch ,provision cranes and bunker davit.

He works under the chief engineer who is head of the engine room department and generally follows his orders.

Some of the  job role of  Electro Technical Officer includes.


Maintenance and make sure that all electrical equipment’s fitted on board are in working conditions


Radio communications

Maintenance of emergency systems ,emergency switches,detectors and fire alarms system.

Vessel’s electrical components like navigational lights, battery backups

Electronic navigation system

Echo sounders, Gyro compass, Weather Fax, auto pilot, RADAR  Broadcast and internal aerial system, Intercom and satellite communications ( He can only expected to repair minor faults ,ship owners are open for shore assistance and ETO must inform Chief Engineer and Master in case he need shore professional / shore technicians for repair)


Look into basic electric needs change of Tube lights,bulbs,A.C system,switches etc.

Life Boats

ETO is responsible for maintenance of electrically operated propelling machinery.

During emergencies

Electrical officer  role is to supervise free launching of life boat ,he will ensure that charging system is always on as per the requirement, he is required to handle the emergency situations and ensure all the equipment needed for safety is always ready to use.

Employment Opportunities of Electro- technical officer (ETO)

Every sea going vessel must carry at least one Electro Technical Officer depending on the type of vessel.

Since ETO(Electro Technical officer) is must requirement, there is always demand in the Shipping Industry.

An electrical officer requirement is very important on cruise/passenger vessels as these vessel have huge electrical requirements and unmanned technology handling them.

As  air conditioning is big requirement for the guests the responsibility of the ETO also increases but in such vessel there are 2-3 ETO.

Career progression of Electro technical officer (ETO)

Electro-technical officer (ETO) in merchant navy

Trainee ETO

Senior ETO

Salary of an Electro Technical Officer (ETO)

ETO salary on   Dry bulk cargo -$3000 – $5400

                          Tanker Ship-     $5000-$6000

                          Passenger/Cruise lines- $10000

Salary of an ETO  depending on the size of the ship and the duties handled and prior experience.

Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) Entrance Exam Syllabus

Signals and Systems

Electrical Machines

Power Systems

Protection and switchgear

Control Systems

Electrical and Electronic Measurements

Analog and Digital Electronics

Power Electronics and Drives

Electronics and Control Systems




Sentence Completion



 Quantitative Reasoning

 Qualitative reasoning

Abstract reasoning

Logical reasoning

Spatial reasoning

Shipping companies offering Sponsorships for an ETO course

Some of the shipping companies offering sponsorship programme for an ETO course are


Thome Shipping

Great Eastern and

Angelo Eastern.

Shipping companies offering Sponsorships for an ETO course

Some of the shipping companies which offers sponsorship for an ETO course in India are


Thome Shipping

Great Eastern and

Angelo Eastern.

Electro technical officer (ETO) Uniform

Electro technical officer (ETO) Uniform
Image Credits-wikimedia

Electro technical officer uniform Rank

Electro technical officer uniform Rank is equivalent to 2nd Officer and 3rd Engineer

Uniform consist of White Shirt and Black Pants

Epaulettes consists of three golden stripes with black background with green in-between gold ones and a diamond.


Can an Electro technical officer (ETO)becomes captain

Yes, even an ETO can become a Captain. If an ETO do not find his job satisfying he can always have option to change his line provided he fulfills entry requirements.

For deck option ,he needs to complete seatime as deck cadet followed by COC exams and then rising upto master level with seatime and compentency exams.

Can Electro technical officer (ETO) become chief engineer?

Yes ETO can become Chief Engineer  but not directly from electrical officer.

ETO have to follow the same route as the marine engineer.

When  ETO work onboard engine room  he gains alot of experience which he can utilise in his studies   

Electro technical officer (ETO)Entrance exam books

Some of the useful books for ETO preparation can be find in below website please click here

High voltage course for Electro technical officer (ETO)

As per DG shipping all those seafarers who have been issued re-validated CoC with limitation “Not valid for vessel fitted with high voltage of more then 1000 v are required to complete the high voltage course before 1st July 2017.

After completion of the High voltage course seafarers must ensure that the limitation on Certificate of Competency (CoC) is deleted .

Electro-technical officer (ETO) in merchant navy

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