Vacancy for Master/C.officer/C.E/2.E

Openings for Master,Chief officer,Chief Engineer,Second Engineer

Master Chief officer Chief

Company-Executive Ship Management Pvt Ltd

Vessel Type- Oil/Crude/LPG- Bulk

Rank- Master Chief Officer Chief Engineer Second Engineer

Experienced Required- Type II and III Experience

Vessel Type- Container Carrier

Rank Required- Second Engineer

Experience Required – 20k/14k TEU

contact person-Mr.Gaurav Tiwari (Snr HR Executive)

[email protected]

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Salary in merchant navy

Salary in merchant navy depends Mainly on Nationality, Company, Type of vessel, Rank, Qualification, Experience, Competency Standards of the Individual.

The chance to travel around the globe and the adventure lure on the high seas attract many young people to make a career in the Merchant Navy.

Few Benefits to join Merchant Navy:-

1. Get to travel the whole world

2. Earn  a lucrative remuneration ,and tour the world and lead happy life.

 3. Chance  to don a uniform and call oneself an officer

4.The responsibility of running a multi-million dollar ship and its cargo

Merchant Navy is most importantly cornerstone of international trade that carries cargo worldwide.

An enormous amount of employees are employed by merchant vessels.

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Senior Master Mariner

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