Indian CDC-Continuous Discharge Certificate

Updated-Indian CDC-Continuous Discharge Certificate

Indian CDC-Continuous Discharge Certificate


Indian CDC-Continuous Discharge Certificate

Indian CDC-Continuous Discharge Certificate is a seafarer’s identity document issued for

1.The purpose of providing the holder with identity papers for travel to or from an assigned vessel or pursuant to instructions by the master of such a vessel and

2. Providing a record of the holder sea service. 

Indian cdc online application 2020

It contains the sea-service record of the seafarers duly signed by the master while he is on-board a ship.

The particular category of seafarer (officer/ rating) which the holder is qualified to serve.

Each person serving on-board of the vessel, shall have this document, failing which he will not allow to join ship.

Indian CDC-Continuous Discharge Certificate-Checker

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Eligibility conditions for applicant

The applicant should be a citizen of India

Maximum age limit for Indian CDC-Continuous Discharge Certificate

Age limit
1.For Deck ,Engine and Catering (Saloon) rating trainees
2. For Petty Officers
3. For Ex-Naval ratings
 between 18 and 25 years of age
between 18 to 40 years
upto 45 years of age

Educational Qualifications :

For Deck, Engine, and Catering(Saloon) Trainees    (Ratings)  Xth standard passed


* An applicant must have completed the pre-sea training for ratings from DG approved training institute

* An applicant have done the basic familiarization training and instructions

*An  applicant   shall not  hold   any   C.D.C.  which is been issued   earlier   by    any Shipping  Master in India.                         

 *The applicant need to submit copies of his passport

Eligibility for Certificated Officers 

1.   Candidate must be a citizen of India who possess a valid certificate of competency  (under   Section 78 of the Act or a Certificate recognized under Section 86 of the Act).

2. Certificate recognized under Section 86 of the Act.

3. Successful final year candidate with three years B.Sc. (Nautical Science) course approved by the DG Shipping.

4. Candidate passed or exempted in Marine Engineer Officer Class-II Part A Examination. 

5. The Trainee Marine Engineer, Trainee Radio Officers and Deck Cadets, completed the pre-sea training and are eligible to proceed to sea.

6. Navigational Watch-keeping Officer (NCV), Marine Officer  Class-IV and ex-Indian Naval Officer in possession of a Watch-keeping Certificate, and completed written examination and who are required to go through on board training for oral examination.

7. Any citizen of India holding a valid Certificate of competency issued by any foreign nation, is eligible.

8. All the applicants above shall have undergone the basic familiarization training and instructions as prescribed under sub-rule (2) of rule 33 of the Merchant Shipping (Standards of Training, Certification and Watch-keeping for Seafarer’s) Rules, 1998. 

Issue of  Indian CDC Continuous Discharge Certificate 

The  Shipping   Master   shall,   after verifying all particulars  of the applicant and the photograph,affix his signature and official seal on the photograph and issue the same to the applicant

Note :candidate must fulfills  all the conditions which is laid down in rules 4 and 5.

DG shipping only issue CDC and does not guarantee a job.

Validity of CDC

The CDC (Continuous discharge certificate) is valid for 10 years from the date of issuance.

CDC can be renew for another 10 years, a sticker is sent by dg shipping which has to be pasted in the last blank pages of CDC.
Validity of CDC if expires during the voyage, it shall continue to be valid till the end of the voyage.

Seafarers must always hold old expired CDC as this documents contains seafarer’s sea service record mention on it and it remains always valid.

Continuous discharge certificate application form


Name of Seamen in full

Name of Father

Date of Birth


Place of Birth : 



Height in Centimeters : 

Colour of Eyes : 

Colour of Hair: 


Certificate of Competency, if any


Tattoo or other distinguishing marks:


Issued at the Port of …………………… 

Date of Issue : 

Signature of Seaman……………………. 

Shipping Master

1.      Pre-Sea Training Certificate No. and Place of Issue:

2.      PSSR Certificate No. and Place of Issue:

3.      PST Certificate No. and Place of Issue:

4.      FF&FP Certificate No. and Place of Issue:

5.      EFA Certificate No. and Place of Issue:

6.      Certificate of Competency in Cooking No and Place of Issue: 


How to fill Indian CDC application form

(To be entered by the Seaman)



Post Office 





Name & Relationship…………………………………………………………………………………… 


Documents required for Indian CDC


Completed Application form
A Passport sized color photograph with white background
Medical fitness certificate(As per DG circular)
All STCW basic safety certificates
A letter from the company
Requisite fee

Cancellation or suspension of a C.D.C.

 (1) Any complaint against seamen who has committed a misconduct or any offence  referred to in sub-section (2)  of   section   195  .

(2) If a  seamen is found guilty of an offence of committing any of the   acts    mentioned   in   section   194  of the Act

(3)    If making a false or erroneous information

(4)   If the  C.D.C. has been  cancelled or suspended due to any above reasons for the seaman shall  be intimated  in writing to whom it is issued and a copy of the order   of such cancellation may be forwarded  all other Shipping Masters in India and the DG Shipping

(5)    The seaman is given an opportunity to represent his case before the shipping master   before   cancellation    or    suspension   

 The Shipping   Master shall give the reasons of cancellation or  suspension

11 Appeal  – (1) Within a period of 60 days of receipt order an applicant can appeal to the Deputy Director  General of Shipping

C.D.C. not to be issued in certain cases 

 (1)  An applicant whose C.D.C. has been cancelled or suspended by a Shipping Master of one zone and who applies to the another zone.

(2)  If the issue request of C.D.C.  is cancelled or suspended, the reasons for the such cancellation shall be stated  to  the  applicant and a copy of the such order  shall  be endorsed  to the DG Shipping and shipping master.

(3)  Any applicant who is debarred in written and order have been passed by a Shipping Masters  will not issue CDC

Duplicate C.D.C.

Indian CDC-Continuous Discharge Certificate

Duplicate CDC is issued If for any reason C.D.C is found mislaid, destroyed, defaced or mutilated A fee of rupees one  thousand for   issuance of   a  duplicate copy of the charged with all entries of the previous voyages

Indian Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC)

Application for C.D.C.—   May be sent to any of the following address 

The shipping master at Nau Bhavan,

 10, R.K. Marg, Ballard Estate,



Indian Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC)

The shipping master,

 Shipping Office, Marine House, Hastings,

Calcutta – 700 022  


shipping master,

Mercantile Marine Department,

Anchorgate Building, 2nd floor,

P.B.No.5004, Rajaji Salai,


by registered post only.

Indian CDC-Continuous Discharge Certificate

How to Renew Indian CDC-Continuous Discharge Certificate

Indian CDC-Continuous Discharge Certificate Checker: To check the status of your CDC click here

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Indian CDC-Continuous Discharge Certificate full form

continuous discharge certificate

Indian CDC-Continuous Discharge Certificate apply

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