Statement of facts – (SOF)

Statement of facts

Statement of facts (SOF)- It is a very important document on which operators base their calculations for lay time calculations.
It is a form / document that the ship’s master or port agent completes.
This provides information and monitors all activities related to the ship from the movement vessel entered the port until all cargo operations have been completed and the vessel is departed.

The Standard Statement of Facts was published in 1975 and is recommended by BIMCO and FONASBA (the Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents). The latest edition of this document is the Standard Statement of Facts (short form), issued in 1975.

Statement of Facts (SOF)- All of the facts are counted during the ships stay in a port: taking the sea pilot onboard

Tugs Used


quantity of fuels onboard at Berthing and Departing.

Preparing the loading and unloading operations

Actual loading and unloading operations

Amount of Cargo transfer

weather conditions (e.g. in the event of rain) must  be clearly stated- As this time is not counted as lay days when the lay days are “weather lay days” or “weather working days”.

The document includes the following information:

  1. Agents
  2. Vessel name
  3. port
  4. Owner/Disponent owner
  5. Vessel berthed
  6. Loading commenced
  7. Loading completed
  8. Cargo
  9. Discharging commenced
  10. Discharging completed
  11. Cargo documents on board
  12. Vessel sailed
  13. Charter party
  14. Working hours/meal hours of the port
  15. Bill of lading weight/quantity
  16. Out turn weight/quantity
  17. Vessel arrived on roads
  18. Notice of readiness tendered
  19. Next tide available

Details of daily working

Date   Day   Hours worked   Hours Stopped   No. of Gangs  Quantity (Loading/Disch)    Remarks  

Statement of facts (SOF)

Statement of facts (SOF)

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