DG Shipping Master Checker

DG Shipping Master Checker

The Seaman’s profile entered in the DG shipping website is known as DG shipping profile ,and its Master checker tab where company or self can check seaman’s profile  and also update seaman sea time there ,but only companies has access to upload sea time ,Seafarer cannot do it.

Following are the things needed to upload in the Seaman profile by the Seaman

1. Personal/Address/Physical details

2. Name of the institutes from where all the courses has been done with dates

3. CDC/COC details

4. Passport details 

5. DCE endorsements details

6.Sea time (RPSl Companies Only)

Reason for Upload Seaman profile

  1. Requirement of MMD for Exam purpose
  2. The RPSL company has to fill Form III-A which reflects the Sea service details of the seafarers.
  3. For the verification of details of seafarers

Some time RPSL company do not enter the seat time of the seafarer in the master checker ,it is the responsibility of the seafarer to approach to the company and request them to do so.

Every seafarer should check his profile every now and then before sign on and after sign off from the ship.

The new e-migrate feature helps discouraging exploitation of seafarers by non RPSL companies.

DG Shipping website Link-

How to fill Details in the master checker

To use E-Governance you need to use Internet Explorer up-to version 9.

or open in Firefox

  • Log in the DG Shipping website and then click E-Governance tab
  • Fill Your user I.D -(which is your INDOS Number)
  • Fill your password (which is combination of your INDOS number and digit 1) Example : 01DL5854 is your indos number so password would be 01DL58541
  • Now click on update Seafarer Profile
  • Fill in all your Details and click Master checker to check for details entered by the company
  • Fill in all the details
  • Upload the documents here like CDC and Passport pages ,everything to be uploaded is mentioned
  • You can upload the pdf file also
  • This is how your profile will look ,congratulations you have successfully updated yours Seafarers profile.

If you want to check Sea time updated by your company and details of your certificates click on Master Checker

Master Checker not showing in DG profile

Credits: DG Shipping
Credits: DG Shipping
Credit to: DG Shipping

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