Dg shipping e governance

Dg shipping e governance contains

  • e-governance
  • INDos Online
  • Anti-piracy escort
  • Seafarers Registration
  • e-governance related information to all Seafarer/Stake holders.

For Dg shipping e governance click here

The Dg shipping is the regulatory authority, appointed by Govt. of India and is responsible for implementation of the provisions of the act .

The Dg shipping ensures that the international Conventions, ,safely requirements ,pollution prevention and other important requirements of IMO must be implemented carefully.

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Dg shipping e governance login

Step 1. visit

Dg shipping e governance

Step 2.Login with your User ID and password

Dg shipping e governance

Step 3. You can log in, in any of the below links

SMO-Other Activities

CDC Management & CoC as Cook

Update Seafarer Profile

Request for Personal Details Correction in Seafarer Profile

Online procedure for the correction in INDos profile of seafarer

  1. Go to the DG shipping
  2. Select the e-governance tab and click on e-governance
  3. Enter with the candidate Login and Password I.D
  4. Select the menu “Seafarer”- correction in personal profile- module on the Home page and click it
  5. Enter the “New value” i.e with correction in the profile in the various field names like Name ,DOB Address,  etc
  6. Upload the relevant supporting documents like Passport or High school mark-sheet or Birth certificate or School leaving certificate in PDF/Word/JPG format for verification
  7. Click the checkbox to confirm the changes.
  8. Click “Submit button for Correction
  9. System would display “acceptance of application request”
  10. If the request is rejected by the INDoS cell then a fresh request can be made by following the steps 1-8 above.


Coc and Coc Revalidation

DC Endorsement GMDSS Radio operator

IGF Code Basic Cop

e-Migration declaration for Master & Chief Engg.

Grievance Report for Female Seafarer

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

e-pass for Seafarer and Non Seafarer

Stranded Seafarer Details Repatriation

Sign on Certificate for vaccination at Dedicated Hospital.

SMO-Other Activities

New procedure to update Sea service

1.The ”Date of Sign On Shore” shall be entered with in 15 days from the contract was signed.

 2. The ”Sign On Ship Date” shall be entered with in 30 days from ”Date of Sign On Shore”. 

3. The ”Sign Off Ship Date ” shall be entered with in 15 days from the seafarer signs off from the ship. 

4. The ”Sign Off Shore Date ” shall be entered with in 15 days from the date the contract was signed off.

CDC Management & CoC as Cook

Online Application for Duplicate CDC,Replacement of CDC,CoC as Cook and Duplicate CoC as Cook is available at the link ‘Submit Application’

Update Seafarer Profile

Dg shipping e governance contact number

All Seafarers for their queries /problems may send e-mail pertaining to various types of modules as  given below:

dg profile e governance

Dg shipping e governance-dg profile

e governance seafarers profile

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Online INDoS application

Click here to visit online Indos application

Fill the below application form

dg shipping e governance contact number

dg shipping e governance contact number
dg shipping e governance contact number

e governance dg shipping mail id

egovernance‐[email protected]

Help Desk – Click here


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