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MV X-Press Pearl

MV X-Press Pearl (IMO No: 9875343) 186 Meters long container carrier operated by X-Press Feeders.

MV X-Press Pearl

Sailing under Singapore flag.

The container carrier with a container leaking nitric acid was reported that the smoke was seen from the cargo hold on 21st may while the vessel was at anchorage.

The Vessel was carrying around 1486 containers with 25 tonnes of Nitric Acid.

MV X-Press Pearl caught fire near the Colombo harbor, had sunk off the coast of Sri Lanka.
The stern of the ship touched the seabed, as a result the towing work was abandoned.

Operators of ‘X-Press Pearl’ reported that even though the vessel was attached with the tow wire, efforts to tow away the ship to deeper waters have failed.

Sri-Lanka navy along with three Indian ship were standby to handle for any kind of oil spill.

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