Dg shipping exit exam


Dg shipping exit exam

Dg shipping exit exam Step by step procedure

Step 1. Visit

Step 2. Enter Indos Number and click Login

Dg shipping exit exam

Success message will be shown on successful login

Dg shipping exit exam

Step3. Enter your Name, Mobile number, Email id, Indos Number

Dg shipping exit exam

Step4. Click the Download Button

Dg shipping exit exam

Step5. Click “DGSSecureSoftware.exe” file in the download section, when you open the file .exe file will start downloading, click on ‘RUN’ button

Dg shipping exit exam

Step6. Black background window will open, Enter your INDOS Number once again.

Dg shipping exit exam

Step7. Now click on Refresh button as shown in below image

Dg shipping exit exam

Step8. Now select the course

Dg shipping exit exam

Step9. After selecting the course now select “Take test”

Dg shipping exit exam

Step10. Read the instructions carefully and click on “proceed” button

Dg shipping exit exam

11. Click “Allow” button to allow dgs browser to use camera

Dg shipping exit exam-camera

12. Wait for few seconds for camera to get active

Step13. Read all instructions carefully and then click the check box button which ask for latest photo and confirmation to always look at the screen during entire exam session.

Dg shipping exit exam-face recognition

Step14. As you select the check box a new button will appear on the same screen select “Click here for your photo”

Step15. The system will automatically verify the photo and a green colour button will appear click on ” Click here to proceed exam”.

Dg shipping exit exam-proceed exam

Step16. Exam will start

Attempt all 30 Questions carefully do not try to review the questions by pressing back button

After answering all Question, Click  “SUBMIT TEST” and wait for RESULT

Result will be sent to DGS Server


DG Shipping “EXIT EXAM” is completed.

Exit Exam Dg shipping Pass / Fail Result

If the result is “PASS” – information will be sent to the DGS.

If the student “FAILS” – Candidate need to pay for re-appearance and appear for same exam(Only next day through MTI)

How many attempts are in DG exit exam?

Maximum attempts – 3 shall be given.

After 3 attempts the students have to re-do the course.

Downloading DG Shipping Exit Exam certificate

visit DG Shipping INDOS Checker

Select STCW Course and enter INDOS no and DOB Select the course, click on Download button.

Dg shipping exit exam software requirements

Ram-          Min 1GB

Hard disk – Min 250 GB

Processor-  Dual core or higher

Operating system- Windows 7/8/10 or higher

Camera requirement-  Min resolutions 640 x 480 pixles with audio mic

dg shipping circular click here

Precaution during the Exit exam

  1. Candidate always need to look on the screen, moving eyes or head away from the screen leads to termination from the exam
  2. The system will automatically takes multiple photos of candidate at different point of time so that swapping of person do not take place, the system automatically detects the mismatch of photo and will result in termination from the exam.
  3. Browsing and trying to copy answers from google or any other source will lead to termination from Exit exam
  4. Do not press “back” button and “Refresh” button during exam as it will lead to termination from the exam.
  5. When the last five minutes will remain, the system will show blinking on time indication

Dg shipping Exit exam operating instructions for the candidate

Dg shipping Exit exam operating instructions for the candidate

click here for detail

Exit exam dg shipping guidelines

click here to visit dg shipping guidelines

Exit exam dg shipping timings

Exit exam can be appeared between 1330-1700 hrs. 

Dg shipping exit exam fees

Dg shipping Exit Exam Fees for One Course is (INR 295 /-)

*To be confirm with the latest DGS fee structure

Exit Exam Dg shipping Mock Test

Mock Test can be given on the last day of exam from 0900 to 1300 hrs.

Exit Exam DG shipping Questions

RFPFF-Exit Exam DG shipping Questions-(Model)

  1. For Fire Triangle to complete what is required
  1. Oxygen
  2. Fuel
  3. Heat
  4. All of the above

2. For small boats which colour is used for lights

  1. White
  2. Yellow
  3. Blue
  4. Green

3. The fire extinguishers which is used for Electric fires

  1. Foam
  2. CO2
  3. DCP
  4. Water

4. What is the minimum capacity of emergency fire pump

  1. 15 M3/hr
  2. 20 M3/hr
  3. 25 M3/hr
  4. 30 M3/hr

5. Class A involves liquids which are flammable

  1. False
  2. True

6. The fire extinguishing system required for propelling machines and diesel motor

  1. CO2
  2. DCP
  3. Hyper Mist
  4. Foam

7. Dry chemical powder extinguisher is used for?

  1. Cooling
  2. Smothering
  3. Starvation
  4. Inhibition

8. For how many hours diesel driven fire pumps should run?

  1. 18 hrs
  2. 16 hrs
  3. 17 hrs
  4. 10 hrs

9. CLASS-B Bulk head are classified as B15/B0

  1. False
  2. True

10. Maximum temperature of unexposed side of a B-Class division is ?

  1. 225°c
  2. 400°c
  3. 300°c
  4. 350°c

11. DCP fixed fire fighting system is used in which type of vessel

  1. Bulk carrier
  2. Oil tanker
  3. Chemical carrier
  4. Gas tanker

12. What is the Maximum weight of a portable fire extinguisher?

  1. 23 kgs
  2. 16 kgs
  3. 22 kgs
  4. 20 kgs

13. For which type of fire A Class extinguisher is used ?

  1. Solid
  2. Liquid
  3. Gas
  4. Metal

14. FIRE CONTRO PLAN is written in ?

  1. English
  2. french
  3. spanish
  4. german

15. Automatic CO2 release system is used for?

  1. Engine room
  2. Cargo holds
  3. Main deck
  4. Accomodation

16.How often should rescue boat to be launched with crew

  1. Every week
  2. Every month
  3. Once in three month
  4. Once in two week

17. After the vessel collides , the actions to be taken are

  1. Search and rescue, abandonment if required
  2. Wait and analyze the situation
  3. Check life boat bunker
  4. Immediately abandonment

18. The visible range of Parachute flares in night time ?

  1. 25 NM
  2. 15 NM
  3. 10 NM
  4. 5 NM

19. Pass full form in portable fire extinguisher?

  1. Pass,aim,squeeze,sweep
  2. Pass,at,sure,speed
  3. Pull,aim,squeeze,sweep
  4. Pass,aim,shut,sit

20. How should the painter of life raft to be secured

  1. Directly to a secure point of the ship
  2. Secured via a weak link to a secure point
  3. Secured to a HRU
  4. Anywhere on a ship

21. before lifting a lifeboat from water , it must be ensure

  1. Fall wires are clear and hooked securely
  2. Bottom plug is shipped
  3. Sea anchor is streamed
  4. Engine is switch on

22. What is the duration of EEBD?

  1. 10 mts
  2. 15 mts
  3. 12 mts
  4. 08 mts

23. What is SCABA bottle duration for 1200lts?

  1. 25 mts
  2. 30 mts
  3. 45 mts
  4. 20 mts

24. Extinguisher that can be used for Class F/K fire ?

  1. Wet chemical
  2. CO2
  3. DCP
  4. Foam

25. How removal of oxygen cease fire ?

  1. Smothering
  2. Starving
  3. Inhibition
  4. Cooling

26. What is the 4th component of a fire Tetrahydron ?

  1. Molecular chain reaction
  2. Inhibition
  3. Fire reaction
  4. ‘All of above

27. Which type of extinguisher cannot be recharged onboard

  1. Water type
  2. Foam type
  3. DCP
  4. CO2

28.What is the length of fire proof line of SCABA?

  1. 30 M
  2. 25 M
  3. 20 M
  4. 10 M

Answers-1(4) 2(1) 3(2) 4(3) 5(2) 6(3) 7(4) 8(1) 9(2) 10(1) 11(4) 12(1) 13(1) 14(1) 15(2) 16(3) 17(1) 18(1) 19(1) 20(2) 21(1) 22(1) 23(2) 24(1) 25(1) 26(1) 27(4) 28(1)

Refresher PSCRB Exit Exam Question paper

Refresher PSCRB Exit Exam Question paper

  1. Action to be taken in case of Man over board (MOB)
    a. Inform bridge
    b. Rise alarm
    c. Throw a life buoy
    d. All of the above
  2. What position is given by EPIRB?
    a. Position of the distress
    b. Real time position
    c. Position of the ship
    d. All of the above
  3. What is the minimum length of the life boat?
    a. 3.8 mtr
    b. 7.3 mtr
    c. 8.5 mtr
    d. 6.8 mtr
  4. On which radar SART works on ?
    a. X band
    b. S band
  5. Life of EPIRB batteries
    a. 3-5 years
    b. 10 years
    c. 8 years
    d. 6 years
  6. Pyrotechnics have a life of
    a. 48 months
    b. 3 years
    c. 6 years
    d. 7 years
  7. What is General emergency alarm?
    a. Verbal order by the master
    b. Continuous ringing of the bell
    c. 7 short blast followed by one or more long blast
    d. Shouting from the bridge
  8. Burning candela of Rocket parachute
    a. 30000 cd
    b. 20000 cd
    c. 15000 cd
    d. 18000 cd
  9. Lithium battery used in EPIRB works for
    a. 48 hours
    b. 24 hours
    c. 36 hours
    d. 28 hours
  10. Which item in the lifeboat is a study material ?
    a. Instruction on how to survive
    b. Sea sickness kit
    c. Bailer
    d. Heliograph
  11. The life jacket has which of the following attached to it ?
    a. RR Tape + Whistle + Light
    b. RR tape + Pyro technique + whistle
    c. Whistle + light
    d. RR tape
  12. Which code regulates the training manual
    a. Sola under chapter 2(2) & 3
    b. COSWP
    c. ISPS code
    d. Local code
  13. VHF EPIRB is designed to used in which area
    a. Area A4
    b. Area A1-A2
    c. Area A1
    d. Area A1-A4
  14. What is the purpose of sea anchor
    a. To reduce the drift
    b. To hold raft at one place
    c. To secure it to strong point
    d. All of the above
  15. What equipment out of the following SOLAS pack B life raft does not have?
    a. Fishing tackle –food – drinking water
    b. Fishing tackle – sea sick bags – drinking water
    c. Fishing tackle – drinking water – bailer
  16. Immersion suit is a
    a. Its zip to be greased using manufacture recommended lubricants
    b. Its fire proof
    c. It can be used in case of fire
    d. None of the above
  17. HRU stands for
    a. Hydrostatic release unit
    b. High resistance unit
    c. Hydro resistance unit
    d. None of the above
  18. What is the first thing to do as you enter the life raft?
    a. Drink a lot of water
    b. Take anti sea sickness tablets
    c. Start a drill
    d. Eat a lot of food
  19. For how long SART can operate in standby mode
    a. 96 hrs
    b. 25 hrs
    c. 48 hrs
    d. 30 hrs
  20. What is the length of a life baot painter ?
    a. 15 mtrs
    b. 25 mtrs
    c. 2 times of maximum freeboard
    d. None of above
  21. What can be consumed ?
    a. Food ration
    b. Anti sea sickness tablets
    c. Drinking water
    d. All of the above

Answers:1a 2b 3b 4a 5a 6a 7c 8a 9a 10a 11a 12a 13c 14a 15a 16a 17a 18b 19a 20c 21d

Name these Images

Online dg shipping exit exams

List of courses for Dg shipping Exit Exam

Basic Modular Course

  1. Elementary First Aid
  2. Fire prevention and Fire fighting
  3. Personal survival technique
  4. Personal safety and social responsibility
  5. Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties
  6. Basic Training for Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations
  7. Basic Training for Liquefied Gas Tanker Cargo Operations
  8. Basic Training for Ships Operating in Polar Waters

Advance Modular Courses

  1. Advanced Training for Oil Tanker Cargo Operations
  2. Advanced Training for Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations
  3. Advanced Training for Liquefied Gas Tanker Cargo Operations
  4. Medical care
  5. Advance fire fighting
  6. Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats other than fast rescue boats
  7. Medical first aid
  8. Ship security officer
  9. Advanced Training for Ships Operating in Polar Waters
  10. Fast Rescue boats

Refresher Courses

  1. Refresher Course in Personal Survival Techniques
  2. Refresher Course in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
  3. Refresher Course in Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats other than fast rescue boats
  4. Refresher Course in Advanced Fire Fighting
  5. Refresher Course in Medical First Aid
  6. Refresher Course in Medical Care
  7. Combined Refresher Course in PST and PSCRB
  8. Combined Refresher Course in FPFF and AFF
  9. Refresher in Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boat
  10. Refresher and Updating Course for all Engineers
  11. Refresher Course for Medical Examiner of Seafarers
  12. Refresher & Updating Training Course for Master & Deck Officer
  13. Refresher and Updating Training Course for Nautical Officers
  14. Refresher & Updating Training Course for Engineers – Management Level
  15. Refresher & Updating Course for Engineers – Operational Level

Can i give Exit exam in sunday?


When can i give Exit exam?

Exit Exam can be given on the last day of the course. from

1330-1700 hrs

How do you give an Exit exam?

  1. visit
  2. Enter Indos number and click
  3. Enter Name, mobile, email , Indos
  4. Click the Download button
  5. Click,”exe”file in the download section,click ‘RUN’ button
  6. Enter your indos number
  7. Click on Refresh button
  8. Select”Take Test”
  9. Click on “click here for your photo”
  10. Click on “click here to proceed exam”
  11. Exam will start

What is Exit exam in Dg shipping?

Exit examination is designed to take candidate’s examination online, the software is enhanced with security features and there is no possibility of any misconduct during the exam

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