What are Hydrofoil Boats?

What are Hydrofoil Boats?

History of Hydrofoils

The first hydrofoil ship which was manned was built in year 1900 in Italy by Enrico Forlanini.

Hydrofoils were not widely used, but only after 1950s, when the military and commercial models were built.

 But in 1970s hydrofoil craft recorded a speed of 80 knots and were in operation in many places.

What are Hydrofoil Boats

What are Hydrofoils

The Hydrofoil is a underwater fin like structure fixed on the base part of the boat, the fin can be flat or curved.

It is designed in such a way that it allows the boat to move easily and faster through the waters.

Hydrofoils also ensures that the hull do not come in contact with water,which results in high speed and less consumption of power.

Hydrofoil ship uses its own buoyance to float when the vessel is afloat or sailing at dead slow speed,but as the speed increases the foils takes the weight until the hull of the ship is raised well clear of water line.

Hydrofoil ships are much faster than any conventional type ships but their size are limited.

What are Hydrofoil Boats?

Tpes of Foil System   

There are two main types

The Surface-piercing foils  : are V-shaped and breaks the surface of the water.

Submerged type: foils that are submerged down into the water vertically.


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